If you've installed the Aastra script on Asterisk 1.4, you may have noticed that it fails to play the script in autoanswer mode (like the intercom function), rather it rings your phone.  This is due to a change in how a call is handled in Asterisk 1.4.x

The fix is fortunately, very simple…

To resolve and have it played with an auto answer… find the line that starts with 

 $res=$as->originate("SIP/".$ext,"default","9999",1,"","VoiceMail <".$msg_id.">","_ALERT_INFO=…

 Now find the following phrase including the quotes


and replace it with (including the quotes

"__SIPADDHEADER=Alert-Info: ;info=alert-autoanswer"

Voila…autoanswer on your voicemail…This makes visual voicemail much more usable now.