Who doesn't have a blog these days.  It seems it's expected to have a blog.  Here's mine…or is it…

Personal web sites like this draw a little traffic after they've been picked up in the search engines, however, you increase "credibility" they claim with respect to a search engine by sites that post to you.  So how do you do that, you create a cross post log on blogging site, which coincidently, now carry more weighting that other sources in some search engines…

Net result…I get more exposure here by linking a blogspot link back to this…so..check me out…I'm on BlogSpot too at http://davebour.blogspot.com

Why do I want traffic…who knows.  Maybe I'll be good at something…wait…I am…that's my profession…voip telephony and data services are my niche.  You can even find more on my business website at http://www.desktopsolutioncenter.ca

But there's an aside to this too.  I love photography.  Yes, the family stuff is private, but I've done several hundred nature shots too.  They're linked off my old site right now…but watch for the move here as I create a new gallery on this site.  It just doesn't link multiple sites well out of menalto's gallery, a very good product.  So if you see a pic you'd like to buy, go ahead, check it out..and drop a line, make me an offer.

On an aside, I've offered to do a Santa photoshoot tonight and tomorrow for my wife's old parish, Canadian Martyr's in Hamilton.  A good bunch of people.  A good cause…what more can someone ask for.  On that, enjoy this weekend and remember, only a month and change to Christmas..time to start those lists…and maybe even drop by one of your local churches for their Christmas Boutique as they all seem to be this weekend.

Enjoy and take care