Desi strips are great.  Let you see what's labelled where but do you ever find you've changed it from the original desiginations…and within a month or so, you've white-outed over and written in new labels…and written in is also the operative word.

Wish you could create professional looking ones without buying any fancy software or spending the time to make excel fit a nice tidy label for you.

Now, you can…using excel and 2 minutes…

I've created a simple spreadsheet in excel, line 1 is blank.  Line 2 through 19 (18 rows) are the labels for buttons 1-18 and 19-36 respectively.  Column A is left group, Column C is right.  Put some type of grid marker around this A1 – C20.  I use a simple dotted line in the format cell to do it.  The row A1 is 21 units high.  Rows 2-19 are 24 units high and row 20 is 11 units high.  Columns A & C are 21 units wide.  Make B as wide as you wish.  I like it wider to hold the paper on the paper cutter but that's up to you.  Finally, horizontally and vertically center all cells. 

Fill in your labels, print, cut and install.  Voila…neat, tidy and easy to repeat labels

If this sounds like too much work…try downloading and using this file.  Fill in on sheet1 the labels you want.  Select and print sheet 2.