Ever notice how things change slowly, suddenly you wake up and realize that you’re grossly out of shape and things hurt.   Torn shoulder from falling on some ice…knots constantly in chest and back from sitting too long…, you know the feeling.  BP getting up there.

Along comes good intentions…walk more, park a little farther away… but alas, it doesn’t really do much until a catalyst or something happens to force it.

Enter crossfit..Lucy started a couple months earlier..and the results look great.  Enough of my excuses… before that mid 40’s heart attack that takes me out of play forever, that was the tail end of February.  Body fat at 33%, BMI 35.

Brad Anderson, his team and members at Crossfit North Burlington have done a great start.  After the toughest workout I think I’ve ever done…Murph, then coming home and swimming another 1/5 of a mile…I can get up the next morning – today – and feel I could do it again.  Tests last week speak the numbers too…BMI still 35 however, body fat now at 25%.  Clothes even fit better, or should I say, some fit horribly.  I need a new wardrobe.  Stuff that was getting tight..now I’m swimming in them.  And the complement and even a few jabs at the new look – that’s the little kudos to make you get up and go when you just don’t feel like it…it’s been a long day, really would rather go sit on a patio and enjoy a cold beer…”GET OFF THE @$$ and move” voice goes through the head..you start down the sloth road again…slippery slope – no thanks…I’m liking the new me again.  Can go for a ride, walk, whatever I feel like.. knees not hurting, no back pain, even the other typical pain points not a problem now.

Someone may say “why the members” too.  It’s not only the team there, it’s the cheering section as some call it…everyone is telling you that you can do it.  It’s the sense of shared accomplishment that you can do it.

Why did I post this…hopefully to give else someone else that push they need.  if you’re wondering if you can…Nike summed it up best a number of years ago…JUST DO IT.

If you’re wondering if I get something for this posting, I don’t.  Go to your own gym or find a cross fit in your area.  If you’re in Burlington, Ontario, check out CFNB and say hi.