If you’re just bought a new Lexmark Laser and are getting firmware or fuser errors, it may not be DOA.  Try powering from a different outlet in your office or home that’s on a separate breaker first before you return it or call for service.

Had two issues, the first on a X264 which is a phenonemnal machine for a B/W unit. Couple dozen deployed, never a paper jam that wasn’t user caused (wrong paper, too thick envelopes, printing same paper about 2 dozen times…, seen it all).  Client just purchased one, started complaining of fuser errors.  Had it replaced.  After googling a bit, found they’re ground sensitive.  Changed the outlet and got rid of the dollar store power splitter he used – run perfectly since.

Another client – small home office, the color CX310DN – similar issues.  After two DOA units (fuser error on boot or by 2nd page printed), third one arrives DOA – fuser error again on boot.  One DOA possible, two, unlikely but not impossible.  Three, something got to be wrong.  Try a different outlet in the house and voila, no more fuser errors.