If you're looking for a great open source Trouble Ticket system, you can't do better than to check out osTicket at http://www.osticket.com.

 That said, a couple little mods to help it along…

 1. Modified date column

2. Assigned to showing

3. Status indication (upper case from column is open, lower case from column is closed) – better for me than a separate column due to screen real estate (view it from a blackberry often)

4. using email to send ticket on behalf of…email to the help desk, if the from is an administrator, it reads the first cc in the email and makes the ticket from them instead.

 In progress to come:

1. if emailed ticket from administrator and no cc…it fails today…need to have it simply assign ticket to administrator

2. a modify ticket details (from, name, phone and subject heading)


That's all…

for my updates, check out the two files at:

http://www.davebour.com/misc/class.pop3.zip and http://www.davebour.com/misc/tickets.inc.zip

with that, hope it helps you too.