A list of things I still want to do…

  • multiple galleries via com_gallery2 component (or new cart based gallery)
  • sidebar functionality
  • add to gallery functionality
  • upload new photos
  • migrate old personal photo gallery to new personal hobby gallery
  • single column based blogging instead of 2+ items being multiple columns – or better yet, a true blogging rather than just my comments
  • dynamic page sizing for larger format screens instead of only 600X800 based support
  • cart based integration of 2nd personal hobby gallery (paypal)
  • pda integration
  • davebour.com webmail notify on site
  • davebour.com pms notify on site
  • install shopping cart for personal stuff to flog

If you know how to do any of this…please comment…I'd love to hear from you.

 Finished stuff:

  • lock down personal gallery component
  • publish via main page without admin login (may be solved – testing)
  • fix email and other system settings on gallery (may be moot now)