Since I need to find this once a month or so…I’ve replicated it here…

Original located at,11490618~mode=flat

Well, I’ve managed to actually get Port Forwarding and other features working with the Speedsteam 5200 E242.

Here they are again:

Step 1: you have to make sure your IP is set to
Step 2: Go to »···retain=f and set “All Items” under “Profile Configuration Access” click next and choose “Do not require admin login”
Step2: Go to »···retain=f and do the same thing, except type as your “Constant Profile IP Address”.

(if everything went ok, you should now see the new configuration page)

From here, you have to access every configuration page manually. I’ve managed to figure out what some of them are, (plus the ones francoisr mentioned in another post.)

Here they are:

» – DHCP
» – Dynamic DNS (what francoisr wanted)
» – IP Passthru
» – Update firmware
» – RAS config
» – Port forwarding
» – DMZ Config
» – Firewall Config
» – NAT/NAPT Configuration
» – Host Configuration
» – UPNP Configuration
» – RIP Configuration

I really hope these steps work for you guys, they surely worked for me.

I forward ports to, which is used on my main computer. If I wan’t to change some settings, or forward some ports, I just switch to and access the web interface again.