Panasonic have long touted the durability of their Toughbook series and having a couple of them across my client base, I can attest they do stand up to their claim.  That said, yesterday, my Fujitsu tablet T4210 got a durability test. Holding the laptop in front of me as I often do when going down to the basement, I stepped on a Thomas the Train Molly engine that my son or daughter had left on the stairs right on the first step.  I fell hard.  I fell hard enough to snap the screen closed on the laptop, punched 2 holes in the drywall putting both my toe and the laptop through the wall.  The wind was knocked out of me and I was seriously concerned about spinal injuries the fall was so hard and abrupt.  After a few seconds to catch my breath, another 1/2 hour to realize nothing was broken though I'm black and blue today on my back and neck where I hit the stairs as are both large toes which slammed into the drywall, examination of the dreaded laptop was begun.  Drywall compound on the back corner by the power jack, but everything works.
Thank you Fujitsu for such a great product.  Once again, very happy with this machine, even if it's now a couple years old.