My own and my wife’s genealogy.  To sum it up, I wished I listened to some of my grandparents 25 years ago when they wanted to tell me something. Unfortunately, they’ve all passed on now but I’ve uncovered a fair bit of my history.

I’ve created an online version of my tree using Legacy’s web creation tool. It is a combined view of our families.  You may enter it here

You can access the Boor/Bore/Bour/Boar/Bower(s) GED file directly here, last updated 8/24/2002.

You can access the Cianciolo GED file directly here, last updated 8/27/2002.

There is a fair bit of information on the MyFamily links for the Cianciolo and Bour sites so I recommend you check there too.

Lastly, click the contact link above to drop me a line if you wish.