Many have been asking for these two features….

I've created a few updates…problem being is I'm deviating from the code now until it catches up.  You take on my changes….you're on your own so to speak…or at least support from me….with my limited time….that said…

Merge Tickets…exactly as it says

Time Tracking… see notes below..


Since many people have been asking for these features, I've been slowly mod'ing my osTicket to suit my needs, which isn't to say it meets yours.  Again, backup…backup…backup before trying anything I've provided.

The merge tickets simply does the following…

  • merge the current ticket into the chosen one.
    move all the notes, comments, etc from the current ticket to the chosen one.
    puts a note on the current ticket that it was merged with the chosen one.
    closes the current ticket.

The time tracking adds a date, time (expended) and type (enum values I've defined and used are Site, Off-site, travel, remote access, phone and meals).  The date by default uses the current date.  At this point, there is no "validation" of the data, ie, dates must be in format yyyy-mm-dd since that's mysql's only option, time must be a decimal or integer number, hours:minutes will fail.  My time unit is hours but that's up to you how to use it.  The enum values are also hard coded at this point.  At some point, I'll probably query it from the database as well as add some validation…but not today.  Those are the same categories I've used on my existing M$ access database system since 1995, hence the choices.

As before, simply expand the file located at

Then copy the files replacing yours.  rename your existing in case you have problems.  Also see the notes comments folder.  There are changes required to the database, specifically the addition of the date, time and type folders to the notes and response tables.

At this time, I'm running manual queries to get my data out, dump to my access database (since I still have to maintain the terms of service contacts, etc)..which then has an easy query I run, dump to excel with a preformatted structure that easily copy/pastes into my quickbooks.  Until this development, it was a manual recopy of data from my outlook task list (parsing clients manually, retyping data….tedious and error prone…lucky to get done monthly…now…I can do it weekly or more often…less chance of losing billable hours now too, since my rule is EVERYTHING gets a troubleticket, hence opportunity to track work activity.

At some point, I'll create a page to do the same type output, but I guarantee it won't meet your needs so you're on your own there too.  Hopefully this is helpful to you.  If you have any questions, drop me a line from my contact me form on this website or phone me at 905.381.0077 X501.