Funny how things go.  Earlier this week, Telus customer service called to see how I liked the HTC P4000 aka Mogul.  I love opportunities like that.  They finally noticed that a $1000 a month customer went to just over $100.  Changes in long distance practises due to Asterisk and DISA did a lot for that, but bottom line, I got a chance to vent.

The result…any PDA type device free or $500 off any phone they carry as well as another $60 off my monthly bill.  The offer was good for 90 days.

My only comment is that Telus lags the other carriers by a few months, ie, Rogers has the Blackberry Curve, Bell hasn't got it yet, and Telus will follow Bell by a couple months.  As a result, my choice was easy enough to figure my options, current and coming…

Rogers – BB Curve – to small of a keyboard for me…so that's out,
Rogers – BB Pearl and 8800 series – Pearl screen too small and narrow keyboard – did the suretype on the BB 7130 and didn't like it. 
Bell – nothing that Rogers didn't have.
Telus – came down to what's on the shelf as neither Rogers nor Bell had anything showing that might mean something in the pipe for Telus.

Blackberry 8830, their World Phone.  First impresssions are good.  Only thought is it comes without a camera.  That seems to be standard on most phones today, albeit not a crisis.  It's geared to business use, email and such and it does that well.

Now if only I could find a SIP or IAX client for the blackberry.  That would be awesome.