I'm at my wits end.  The scourge of quality continues to drive me nuts. 

After 4 bad blackberrys (7130e model), I finally decided to ditch the blackberry platform…for a Windows Mobile platform…a Telus P4000 aka HTC Mogul.

What a piece of crap.  I've never been so disappointed with a phone. 

The audio quality – everyone complains of.  It's multiple keystrokes to get anywhere.  Voicemail is hell.  Forget dialing a long distance number…back to memory games…look up the number…then dial it manually.

Don't get one.  There has to be better options than that…that's my quest for the next little bit..find a better phone and see what Telus will do to help me out of the current platform.  To date, Telus has treated me well, albeit the shop I've purchased in the past, with a new manager in there C&I Technologies on Appleby Line here in Burlington, has ensured I'll never deal with them again.

On that, comments welcome.  I need a new phone.  And my wife too..the charger is no longer working on hers.